Below are some of the Home Veterinary Care Services we offer:

  • Immunization and Wellness Care

The time and effort invested in wellness care has many rewards for your pet's immediate and long term health. Our immunization and wellness programs are the most beneficial services we provide and are designed specifically to accommodate you and your pet's specific needs. Common components include a comprehensive physical examination, internal and external blood born parasite testing, appropriate vaccinations, and an uninterrupted one-on-one consultation regarding your pet's future needs.

  • Micro-Chipping

Microchipping has helped reunite thousands of pet's with their families. We provide microchip implantation utilizing AVID, a widely used microchip product. This microchip will help increase the chances of a lost pet's safe recovery. Most animal shelters are equipped with microchip scanners so that lost pet's can be identified.

Regular professional oral examinations are important in maintaining your pet's teeth. Upon examination of your best friend we will advise you on an Oral ATP (assessment, treatment and prevention) plan. In some cases a dental cleaning or advanced care may be needed. Unfortunately, most pets will not allow us to perform this procedures safely and efficiently while awake. We utilize gas anesthesia following pre-medication and induction, with continuous anesthesia monitoring during all dental procedures. Pre-dental blood work, helps Dr.Foy better determine the best combinations of anesthesia to lessen the risk of the dental procedure, and is mandatory for all anesthetic procedures. Placing an intravenous (IV) catheter and maintaining your pet on intravenous fluids during a dental procedure is also not an option for safety reasons. During a dental cleaning, we perform a thorough oral examination by probing every tooth for pockets and lesions, followed by a four quadrant x-ray (60 % of disease you can't see below the gum line). We then utilize an ultrasonic dental scaler and polisher to clean and polish each tooth above and below the gum line. We treat all dental pockets greater than 5 mm with Anti-robe gel. This process will help close the pockets, and keep your pet's tooth surface, smooth and lustrous, making them more resistant to plaque  build up and decay. We offer an option OraVet, the first plaque-prevention system for pets. This is an easy, weekly alternative to daily brushing.

  • Diagnostics

Performing diagnostics is often essential in order to document the extent of a pet's injuries or for definitively diagnosing a pet's illness. The information gained from these tests or procedures not only allow Dr. Foy to more accurately diagnose your pet's problems but also assists him in devising the most effective treatment plan for you and your pet. Common encountered veterinary diagnostic test include:

      • Fecal flotation
      • Heartworm test
      • Lyme disease test
      • Ehrlichia disease test
      • Urinalysis
      • Complete blood count/ CBC
      • Biochemical profile
      • Parvovirus test
      • Giardia test
      • Feline leukemia/ Feline Aids test
      • Biopsy
      • Cytology
      • Skin Scrape
      • Skin Impressions
      • Dermatophyte culture
      • Electrocardiogram/ ECG
      • Radiology/ X-ray
      • Tonometry

      • Surgery

      We offer many procedures and surgeries commonly performed by stationary veterinarians. Ovarian- hysterectomies/spay, castration/neuters, front declaw procedures, mass excisions, biopsies, and wound repairs are among some of the surgical techniques provided by N-Motion Home Veterinary Care (NHVC). To help Dr.Foy better determine the best combination of anesthesia, it is mandatory to perform pre-anesthesia blood work. Placing patients with a IV catheter and ECG monitoring is mandatory. During surgery, patients are maintained on Iso-flurane an inhalant gas anesthetic. More importantly vital signs including heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, SpO2, and an ECG are monitored while your pet is under anesthesia.   We will advise you on options in controlling potential pain your pet may experience after a surgical procedure.

      Having to say goodbye to your pet is one of the hardest decisions pet guardians have to face. We strive to make this difficult time easier on your best friend by providing this service at your home or your pet's favorite spot. Dr.Foy will inform you of all potential treatment options so that you as your pet's guardian can make the most informed decision in regards to their best interest and well being.

      • Disclaimers

      In spite of the many services which N-Motion Home Veterinary Care (NHVC) provides there are some limitations. First, we are not equipped to provide long term or extensive hospitalization. If your pet requires  this service we may need to refer you to a traditional stationary hospital. Second, even though we are mobile we are not an emergency ambulatory service and thus may not be able to accommodate all immediate emergencies. We attempt to see all clients on an appointment basis and will see emergencies if present time, schedule, and location allow. Third, due to the size of our mobile hospital there will be no service on icy roads and locations where we are unable to easily park or maneuver. In the event that we can not easily reach your front door we are happy to meet you at the closest convenient location or make other arrangements. Lastly, all appointments are confirmed by pre-payment of $85.00, the minimum mileage rate for your area . The remainder of the mileage is due at the time of invoice, and we gladly accept cash, approved checks, Visa, and MasterCard. We offer Care Credit for your convenience.

      • On Line Pharmacy/ Home Delivery

      As a service to all clients, N-Motion Home Veterinary Care offers the use of an online pharmacy that is competitive with other similar online services. In addition to the home delivery of medications and diet there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products. For those clients who have difficult time remembering to give, apply, or restock on monthly preventative medications we send monthly usage reminders by email or direct mail. Easy to order, easy delivery, and easy refills.